Strengthening the United Nations for the 21st Century, Abridged

The historic Millennium Forum, convened by the United Nations Secretary General at the General Assembly Hall in May 2000, legitimately represented organized humanity. The delegates produced a Declaration and Agenda for Action that proposes an inclusive, fair, and actionable alternative to the current form of economic globalization. This plan shows how to restore the environment, while bringing about a world of peace and plenty for all.

I. Transforming the United Nations

Four authorities picture a world system that works for all. They explain how to fund U.N. agencies, guarantee every person food, shelter, health care, education, and employment, and institute a comprehensive peace-sustaining U.N. system to reduce armed conflict. (14 mins.)

II. The Other Superpower Convenes

In May 2000 at the United Nations, civil society delegates from around the globe gathered to represent humankind. They produced an Agenda for Action recommending workable ways that governments, the U.N., and civic organizations can together fulfill the commitments all states have made to meet the needs of their populations and restore the biosphere. Folk music and dance performances reflected the planet’s many cultures. (12 mins.)

III. Serving All the People

Illustrated portions of this Millennium Forum’s Declaration as read out at the podium of the U.N. General Assembly Hall portray its key proposals. A self-financing planetary development program can eradicate poverty, achieve peace, civilize transnational corporate globalization, and secure human rights universally. (18 mins.)

IV. Funding and Democratizing the United Nations

A small levy on transborder currency exchange transactions would fund UN agencies to serve as an effective Earth steward. Instituting user fees on the global commons can finance sustainable development and environmental restoration. To democratize the U.N., the delegates recommended establishing a Global Civil Society Forum to define a People’s Agenda and focalize world attention on implementing it. (12 mins.)

(57 mins. total)

(9 min.)

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