Your expert guide to the art of acupressure is Effie Poy Yew Chow, a Registered Nurse who has studied this ancient healing technique under masters in China. Though the Chinese have practiced preventive medicine using acupuncture for thousands of years, Western doctors have only recently recognized the value of needle treatments. Watching this four-part overview, you can now achieve the same degree of healing without needles by knowing where to press your fingers on key energy points.

I. The Body Energy System

Dr. Effie Poy Yew Chow graphically shows through physical effects how every person’s frame has invisible energy fields flowing up and down it. (20 mins.)

II. Concepts, Cautions, and Techniques

Dr. Chow illustrates how to relieve stress and minor aches and pains without medication by balancing the currents running along meridian lines. She instructs you on what conditions this method can help and how to use it safely to alleviate the sufferings of your friends and loved ones. (23 mins.)

III. Power Points

Massaging these four points, you can remedy headaches, clear sinus congestion, and sooth stomach upsets. (24 mins.)

IV. Relieving Headache, Tension, and Backache

In one remarkable demonstration, Dr. Chow relieves back pain a woman has held for months by rubbing her hand for minutes. (22 mins.)

(1hr. 31 mins.)


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