These programs encourage balanced lifestyles for individuals and sane directions for society. Conflict resolution skills enable communication and agreement through mutual understanding. Modern industrial societies need to change to reintegrate with nature. Space shuttle pictures of the planet remind us of our essential unity as earthlings.

Ecovillage Living
Ecovillage Living

Ecovillages provide a global testing ground for new ideas, methods, and technologies in sustainable group living, integrating ecology, community, spirituality, and socially responsible business development. (41 mins.) »

Conflict Resolution

The principles for bringing about interpersonal community and international peacemaking are the same: including all parities’ concerns, respecting the other as yourself, working for the good of the whole, and maintaining an openness to innovative solutions, all while cultivating a sense of balance and grace. (82 mins.) »

Reinventing Civilization

Explore humanity’s collective capacity to co-create ecologically balanced planetary systems, which can bring prosperity to all and end armed conflict. (83 mins.) »

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