Creating a Model Health Care System

You’ve heard about the hit movie!
Now meet the real guy!

Creating a Model Health Care System

In his onstage introduction to Patch Adams, TV star Mike Farrell describes him as “a giant, a revolutionary, a medical doctor who believes in the healing power of love and attention. He is exactly the prescription that this nation and this world need today.”

In this inspiring documentary, Patch tells the whole story in his own words, starting from his three stays in mental hospitals through his medical schooling, when he founded a “silly hospital” with fellow students in a six bedroom home.

Today Patch often leads groups bringing love and fun to disaster areas. Laugh with him and a gang of clown doctors, as they carry joy to Kosovo refugees in Macedonia.

Equally moving is Patch’s vision for Gesundheit! Institute, a new kind of health care delivery facility in development on 310 acres in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. He calls on each of us to take the courage to follow our dreams as he has, doing what we can to bring about a world of peace and justice.

Includes clips from the film Patch Adams, starring Robin Williams! (Courtesy of Universal Studios.)


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