The VIDEOBOOKS library below comes in four series.

 HEROES FOR OUR TIME Practical visionaries offer actionable answers to social problems.

 HOLISTIC SELF-CARE Reports from the leading edge of healing disclose humane, affordable, gentle methods to help nature reconstitute the body.

 SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY Local municipalities can change the current imbalanced model of economic development by adopting earth-friendly policies.

 GLOBAL DEMOCRACY Satellite telecommunications and the Internet have ushered in the Planetary Age, but we the people need new institutions at the global level to make our voices count.


These visionaries show how to bring about a world with peace and justice that fulfills the fundamental human needs of all people and restores the biosphere. Compassion for the preventable suffering of the human family motivates these philosophical crusaders. Their inspiring models encourage viewers in shifting to a more comprehensive worldview.

THE PATCH ADAMS STORY, Creating a Model Health Care System

You’ve heard about the hit movie starring Robin Williams. Now meet the Real Guy!
(62 mins.) »


Presenting five heroes who have produced substantial real world results, using transformational ideas that expand the range of the imaginable: • Soviet Premiere Mikhail Gorbachev • geodesic dome designer Buckminster Fuller • futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard • head of the Tibetan government in exile the Dalai Lama • and Cleveland Congressman Democrat Dennis Kucinich. (120 mins.) »


Natural methods can reduce stress and restore vibrant health. Foremost practitioners in their fields recommend powerful preventative methods that forestall and treat conditions from minor ailments to serious diseases. Families, health professionals, and healing centers can all benefit from learning these self-help techniques.

Natural Healing Techniques

Learn how to improve your personal physical and emotional health care, while considering evidence of the reality of the psychic and spiritual dimensions of experience. (79 mins.) »

Touch for Health I – II

Touch for Health’s founder, John Thie, D.C., reviews his system’s methods for reducing tension and enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities. (48 mins.) »

Acupressure I – IV

Using a version of the ancient healing treatment of acupuncture, but without needles, Dr. Effie Poy Yew Chow demonstrates the relief of stress and minor aches and pains, emphasizing key points to palpate, along with precautions. (91 mins.) »


These programs encourage balanced lifestyles for individuals and sane directions for society. Conflict resolution skills enable communication and agreement through mutual understanding. Modern industrial societies need to change to reintegrate with nature. Space shuttle pictures of the planet remind us of our essential unity as earthlings.

Ecovillage Living
Ecovillage Living

Ecovillages provide a global testing ground for new ideas, methods, and technologies in sustainable group living, integrating ecology, community, spirituality, and socially responsible business development. (41 mins.) »

Conflict Resolution

The principles for bringing about interpersonal community and international peacemaking are the same: including all parities’ concerns, respecting the other as yourself, working for the good of the whole, and maintaining an openness to innovative solutions, all while cultivating a sense of balance and grace. (82 mins.) »

Reinventing Civilization

Explore humanity’s collective capacity to co-create ecologically balanced planetary systems, which can bring prosperity to all and end armed conflict. (83 mins.) »


International civil society can help humanity achieve global self-government. One route is by working to transform the United Nations toward a democratic world federation. These videobooks show citizens and leaders how conscientious conversion to sustainable development best ensures the survival of the race.

Action Agenda for the Earth
Strengthening the United Nations for the 21st Century, Abridged

Acting as legitimate representatives of organized humanity, at the invitation of the U.N. Secretary General to meet in the General Assembly Hall in May 2000, delegates from 1400 community groups around the world produced a document identifying how states, the U.N., and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can work together to meet all people’s fundamental human needs. (57 mins.) »

World Citizenship

Consider what loyalty to something larger than one’s country of origin, an allegiance to humankind, might mean in practice, as planetary citizens elaborate how to strengthen the United Nations and institute effective mechanisms for global governance. (2 hrs. total) »

A Just World System

We can envision key elements of a world order that works for all: regulating transnational corporations, fulfilling a Bill of Social Rights to care for every person, upgrading global decision making, transforming planetary management through a new U.N. Charter, and seeing ourselves as crewmembers on Spaceship Earth. (22 mins.) »