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The Patch Adams Story‘, ‘A Just World System‘ and ‘ACTION AGENDA FOR THE EARTH‘ are our first videos available for rent or purchase! Within the next year, we intend to offer downloads of our total collection, which comprises 48 titles and 22 hours of programming.

Please contact us to learn the special rates we provide developing country citizens. Listed prices are for private individual use. Organizations should double these. Public performance rights cost twice this institutional rate.


THE PATCH ADAMS STORY, Creating a Model Health Care System

You’ve heard about the hit movie starring Robin Williams. Now meet the Real Guy!
(62 mins.) »

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A Just World System

We can envision key elements of a world order that works for all: regulating transnational corporations, fulfilling a Bill of Social Rights to care for every person, upgrading global decision making, transforming planetary management through a new U.N. Charter, and seeing ourselves as crewmembers on Spaceship Earth. (22 mins.) »

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Action Agenda for the Earth

Strengthening the United Nations for the 21st Century, Abridged

Acting as legitimate representatives of organized humanity, at the invitation of the U.N. Secretary General to meet in the General Assembly Hall in May 2000, delegates from 1400 community groups around the world produced a document identifying how states, the U.N., and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can work together to meet all people’s fundamental human needs. (57 mins.) »

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World Citizenship

Consider what loyalty to something larger than one’s country of origin, an allegiance to humankind, might mean in practice, as planetary citizens elaborate how to strengthen the United Nations and institute effective mechanisms for global governance. (2 hrs. total) »

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