Toward a Governed World

Three articulate globalists explain how to move from the present unruly international system toward orderly planetary management. (30 mins.)

The Binding Triad

A weighted voting system can turn the U.N. General Assembly from a debating society passing non-binding resolutions into a legislature enacting enforceable world laws. (30 mins.)

Strengthening the United Nations

Making the U.N. a more effective planetary administrator requires regional mediation services, an all-volunteer peacekeeping force, expanded use of the World Court, and a Global Resources Agency protecting the environment. (30 mins.)

Nine Weeks for the Earth

Reconnect to your highest ideals through this commemoration of the period between the 25th Earth Day and the 50th Anniversary of signing the U.N. Charter. (16 mins.)

The Challenge of World Citizenship

World Citizens call for a People’s House in a stronger and better financed United Nations. (18 mins.)

(2 hrs. total)


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